Ms. Jane’s Assignments Page

Jane Overby

07.28.20 assignment

Here’s Ms. Jane’s project for this week. Have fun and don’t forget to send photos of your work! ?










07.14.20 assignment

Ms. Jane has a new and interesting worksheet. We talked about following directions. On this worksheet see if you can follow all the directions by answering what your favorite things are.

Don’t forget to send in photos of you with your work! ?










06.16.20 assignment

Here are some ideas to get us talking and thinking. Remember that using complete sentences is always our goal. Don’t forget to send us photos of you with your work. ?

06.09.20 assignment

More fun activities for you this week. ? Be sure to take photos and send them to Connie so she can post them on Facebook!


06.02.20 assignment

Here’s a fun game to play. Please remember to use complete sentences for your answers. We always want to use our best language skills. ??

05.26.20 assignment

Ms. Jane would like all CRWM students this week to “think about tackling something hard. Let’s think of all the people across our nation who have worked hard at the essential jobs. Think about how many just rolled up their sleeves and never once said “It couldn’t be done”. Make a list of all the people who never stopped taking care of our nation during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

05.12.20 assignment

“Now that you’ve filled someone else’s bucket make sure you fill your own bucket. This means that you are doing something kind to or for yourself. Next Tuesday be ready to tell me what you did to treat yourself.” ?


05.05.20 assignment

“This week we are going to think about what we can do to fill one person’s bucket every day.”

04.28.20 assignment

Ms. Jane says:
“I have so many things to be thankful for each day. When you wake up each morning, I want you to think of one thing you are thankful for. Write it down or draw me a picture of it. Try to think of something different every day.” ?