2021 Spring Semester
January 4 – May 27, 2021

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Students and teachers alike enjoy learning together. Our classrooms are alive with opportunities for growth and renewal of interests and skills. You never know what they’ll cook up in the Math/Social Studies Room!

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Courses Offered:

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Course Descriptions & Requirements

Dance & Movement

This Dance & Movement class will consist of various dance styles, popular line dances, creative movement coordination exercises and opportunities for self-expression.

There are no course requirements

Everyday Life Skills

Life is filled with chaos, and we must learn how to work and solve problems in the midst of it every day. This interactive Everyday Life Skills course will give students the opportunity to experience these daily challenges without real-world consequences.  Students will explore topics such as:

  • Around Town
  • Food & Cooking
  • Health and Safety
  • Money
  • Work Skills
  • Current Events
  • Guest Speakers

There are no course requirements


Yes, Lunch is a class!  In this class students learn how to communicate effectively and display appropriate social behaviors. Students will also have the opportunity to work in small groups and learn how to prepare simple meals for themselves.  They will also learn how to use kitchen appliances safely and weigh out simple ingredients.

The following article discusses the benefits of eating together as a family.  The same benefits can be applied here at Come Read with Me during lunch times!

There are no course requirements

Kitchen Skills

Students in Kitchen Skills will learn to prepare simple meals and focus on healthy eating.  Each class consists of a tasting activity and a cooking activity. The class teaches basic cooking skills and incorporates reading and math skills as well as teamwork and cooperation.

There are no course requirements


Students in Math class will build on existing math skills using games, group work, projects and technology.  Students will apply knowledge/skills learned to everyday settings.  Students will be placed in classes according to abilities.

Please check the following website for an interesting article on math and adults with learning disabilities:

There are no course requirements

Computer Studies

Technology is everywhere. You cannot escape it. In Computer Studies students will learn how to use Microsoft Office, desktop publishing packages, how to use social networking and the Internet safely.

Students will also have the opportunity to use computers and assistive technology to build upon the knowledge/skills learned in reading and math classes with the use of various computer programs.

There are no course requirements


Students in this Choir class can either take part in singing or use drums/percussion instruments.  Students learn a variety of songs with a performance in the community at least once per year.  Focus will be on tone, modulation and rhythm.  Students will also build essential skills such a team work, cognitive skills and confidence.

Please look at the websites below for information on why music classes can be of a real benefit:

There are no course requirements


This Reading class will improve fundamental reading skills, including word-attack skills, vocabulary development, reading comprehension, fluency, and interpretation, with the use of pieces of well know literature. Extensive opportunities for applying reading strategies for before, during, and after reading will be provided.

Pre-Readers will build on Phonemic Awareness and Phonics, sight words and rhyming words with the use of games and various short stories.  Students will also work on their comprehension skills, vocabulary development and interpretation.

Students will be placed in classes according to abilities.

There are no course requirements

Social Skills

Social Skills are the skills we use to communicate and interact with each other, both verbally and non-verbally, through gestures, body language and our personal appearance. Human beings are sociable creatures and we have developed many ways to communicate our messages, thoughts and feelings with others.

In this class students will work in groups, use technology, discussions and role-play to develop the above essential skills.

There are no course requirements

What’s in the News

Students discuss current local and world news in What’s in the News class, using a variety of media sources.  This class allows the students to learn about their local community and the greater community at large.  Students develop reading, comprehension, and social skills.

There are no course requirements

Puzzle Corner

In Puzzle Corner students work alone or in groups to solve puzzles.  Students will also have the opportunity to use iPads and other forms of technology during this session.

Why Do Puzzles?

There are no course requirements


In Crafts class, students will use a variety of mediums in to create craft and art projects.  Students will focus on developing and maintaining motor and cognitive skills.

Why Craft classes you may ask? Please see link below:

There are no course requirements