Ms. Rose’s Assignments Page

Jane Rose

07.28.20 assignment

Ms. Rose wants you to have fun with counting nickels this week. ?

07.14.20 assignment

Ms. Rose had a fun addition worksheet for you to complete. Don’t forget to email photos of your work and your smiling face! ?

06.23.20 assignment

Ms. Rose is excited to see everyone complete this “Penny Problems” worksheet. Don’t forget to send us photos of your completed work and especially your smiling faces.

06.16.20 assignment

Color in all the spaces that have a value of 1, 2, or 3 to help the butterfly find his way to the flower. Have fun! Send photos! ???

06.09.20 assignment

Ms. Rose has another fun math activity for all of you to work on this week. Send us photos of your hard work and smiling faces! ?

06.02.20 assignment

Let’s see photos of you working on it and the finished worksheet! Remember, email them to Connie. Have fun! ?

05.26.20 assignment

Since Ms. Rose couldn’t be with us Tuesday this week (and last week’s assignment got posted late), she wants everyone to continue working on last week’s worksheet. There’s a picture of it below. Have fun!

05.19.20 assignment

Ms. Rose has another fun math worksheet for everyone to complete. Don’t forget to email a photo of your completed worksheet to Connie.

05.12.20 assignment

Here’s Ms. Rose’s assignment for this week. Have fun playing Connect 4. Be sure to send Connie pictures of you working on it. ?

05.05.20 assignment

Try to complete this fun scavenger hunt. Get Mom or Dad to take a picture of you and send it to Connie.

04.28.20 assignment

Ms. Rose says:
“I have a great math activity for you. It’s in this post so you can take a screenshot of it or print it to complete. Then send Connie a picture of you while you’re working on it. Doesn’t that sound fun?” ?

She also wants to remind you to take a picture of your finished money muffin tin. ?
-Put the coins in the muffin cups to match the amount shown in each one.
-Take a picture and email it to Connie so she can post it on Facebook.
Let’s see how many of you are up to this challenge…we’re guessing you all are. ?