2023 Fall Semester Registration

Easy Steps – How To Register:

If you need help registering, stop by for a visit or feel free to phone. We look forward to seeing all those returning smiling faces (and new faces too) to enjoy everything we have planned for the upcoming semester!

ALL Students Must Complete

Registration Packet

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Information Form

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Selection Form

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COVID-19 Mask Disclaimer

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Information About Registration


Come Read with Me offers a variety of classes throughout the year. A semester class schedule is available to pick up at the school or on this website. Students may enroll in classes of their choosing based on their interest, need and availability of class openings.


Students must register for classes on a semester basis. New students may have a probationary period of two classes before they are added permanently to the semester class roster. Students may enroll for one class (2-hour morning or afternoon) up to a full day of classes (5 hours).


Because our staffing costs remain consistent and do not change according to the attendance each day, students register for each semester. To ensure consistency in learning, students currently enrolled have the opportunity to pre-register for the next semester. When registering for a class, each student/family assumes responsibility for payment of each class whether they attend or not, throughout the entire semester. 

Approvals to drop a class during a semester and be released from the agreement to pay for full semester cost will be considered only when individual circumstances occur beyond the student’s control:

  1. Moving from the area
  2. Permanent student job changes, however, CRWM (Come Read with Me) staff will explore other openings in classes that might better fit the student’s new work schedule
  3. Long-term health issue

To withdraw from enrollment fully, please complete this Withdraw Form: Click Here

Individuals who want to begin classes after the start of a semester are welcomed. New students may access classes which have openings. If there are several students waiting for classes, additional classes may be added, provided there is an instructor for the new class and the number of other students which would also attend. Class size must be large enough to support the staffing cost. Current students may add classes during the semester if there are available openings.


In order that students have the opportunity to receive as much instruction as their tuition allows, students may makeup days missed at another time or date during the same month. If a student chooses to ALSO come to a special event that occurs on a day for which they did not register, that extra day will be billed within that calendar month.