Come Read With Me is a lifelong learning and therapeutic center for amazing adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The organization strives to support the participants long-term cognitive strength through lifelong learning.

Our Mission:

To promote long-term cognitive and physical functionality for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities through a lifelong learning center which emphasizes the most recent research and practices.

We will:

  1. Provide lifelong learning opportunities and thus help adults with intellectual or developmental delays maintain and increase cognitive functionality throughout their lifetime.
  2. Execute this mission through class instruction, private tutoring, in math & reading, social skills, kitchen skills, arts & crafts, music, computers, as well as dance & movement.
  3. Collect valuable, tangible data regarding the levels of cognitive function to share with those responsible for providing longterm care of adults with special needs.
  4. Seek grants for long-term research as well as work in conjunction with diagnosticians and professors at UNT, TWU, TCU and the Burkhart Foundation for Autism at Texas Tech University to determine long-term expectations of functionality.
  5. Support legislation benefiting adults with intellectual or developmental delays. As a nonprofit organization we may not lobby, but our documentation stressing the effectiveness of education over custodial care may be used to provide needed data to lawmakers.
  6. Encourage other organizations to build adult educational programming into their projects and missions.

The Come Read With Me approach is unlike that of most other programs for adults with disabilities. We truly believe that this population of folks can learn and are working to encourage other organizations to become more progressive and raise their expectations for those they serve.

Through the years we have served as a mentor to other organizations and independent school districts working to improve their programming for transitioning students as they leave the public school setting and begin adult living.